The Herman Munsters' Particularly Bizarre 1964 Album

Now here's a cool way to get that Halloween spirit - celebrate with the Munsters! The proto-Addams Family that gave birth to a whole genre apparently also got their scratchy claws on vinyl, and what came out there you can read all about over on Mental Floss.

The Day I had Coffee with MacGyver

Really cool article about the day one bright-eyed fan had coffee with MacGyver.

In there among "favorite shows" of the 80s and 90s were MacGyver, Mission:Impossible before they made Jim do a 180° in the first feature film for which no amount of Tom Cruise will ever make up - and BUGS!

Dweezil Zappa Unveils Hikari Studio

As you can probably imagine Frank Zappa's kid, after Moon Unit went to the movies, Dweezil, who among other things designed an amplifier with RPM and MPH for "Gain" and "Volume", he hasn't done too bad on the Fuck You I'm a go Vintage side of things as well.

Apparently, he has gone the way of the Deadmau5, too - with a complete Dolby Atmos monitoring system.

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