Located in Berlin, Germany, two stupid idiots decided to open a recording studio right into the postcapitalist apocalyptic international market along with the rest of you morons trying the same. Spirituality came and did the rest in terms of twisted and destructive ideas about working for free, and the rest wasn't hard to figure out so now we officially hate all of you.

Living Note is a combination recording studio / music electronics workshop catering to the whims and desires of its inmates, becoming increasingly decadent and self-involved to the point of losing the plot completely, replacing good honest work with complete vanity and self-gratification, which caters perfectly to the raison d'etre of the vast majority of musicians we receive as customers.

In this little club of congenial parent hating and world blaming, we do record a track every now and then and come up with plans for an interesting device. But generally we're too distracted with youporn and football to ever bring anything to fruition.

You can reach us through the contact form on the menu, and godspeed on following your excitement :-)




Lukas and Marcelo

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